Case: White gold engagement ring

Mikko Lehtiniemi surprised his fiancee Sanna (née Hautala) two years ago with a handmade white gold engagement ring. Last summer, with the August wedding approaching, Sanna was hoping to come across a wedding ring with a personality and a story behind it but failed to find one in catalogues.

Two weeks before the wedding, the patterns, the shape and the jewels of the ring found their draft form, scribbled into a piece of paper while sitting in a bus. The lunch hour of that same day was spent at the Aurifaber workshop, finalizing the idea for the ring with the help of Aurifaber goldsmith.

I was very happy that a professional goldsmith was able to catch my ideas so well and provide his own insights,


She spent the afternoon at work thinking over the options. Later that night Sanna and Mikko returned to the Aurifaber workshop and ordered a ring that would tell their story. The adjoining coils that twine the one single diamond tell a story of two separate individuals creating a single entity, yet remaining themselves.

This is the story that made me grow fond of this wonderful ring. As soon I saw it, I said that it looks like such a friendly ring, soft and round.

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