Unique jewellery

The magic of jewellery

Many of us have dreamt of a unique piece of jewellery made just for me. A long-lived dream or a journey of discovery into self & bringing out one’s personality through a personal piece of jewellery can be either or both of these. What will I get if I have the opportunity to put something of myself into the design?

A unique piece of jewellery supports rather than hides its bearer’s personality. The jewellery brings beauty to the bearer, the bearer gives depth and meaning to the jewellery. The magic of jewellery is in its bearer, in the beauty of moments, in the feelings and memories it evokes. The bustle of a wedding day, the miracle of motherhood, the happiness of everyday life – it can all be there, as the jewellery carries memories with it.

More and more of us have the courage to choose handmade engagement or wedding rings to remember that special day and to celebrate profound love.

Aurifaber goldsmiths are ready to give you their skills to create a piece of jewellery just the way you want it, for the special moments and for everyday life. Personal engagement and wedding rings, morning gifts and gifts on special occassions spread beauty and luxury to the days surrounding them.

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